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My name is Stephanie, I’m a Professional Astrologer.

I’ve been practicing Astrology for 11 years. My Astrology practice blends ancient and modern techniques and philosophies. In the beginning of my Astrology journey, I studied the modern western tradition. In recent years, the Hellenistic tradition has become my main focus. 

I specialize in Natal, Electional, and Horary Astrology.

What are some of the main differences between Hellenistic Astrology and Modern Astrology?

Hellenistic Astrology uses the Whole Sign house system and the 7 traditional planets, also known as “wandering stars” in ancient times. It focuses on the subjective experiences, circumstances, events, and people in the chart native’s life. The Hellenistic tradition uses both sign-based aspects (no matter how wide the orb is between 2 planets) and degree-based aspects, while Modern Astrology only uses degree-based aspects.

Modern Astrology uses the Placidus house system for the most part and the 10 planets which include the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. It treats the entire natal chart as different parts of the native’s psyche and focuses mainly on psychological/character analysis whereas the 1st house and any planets in it, the chart ruler, and the Moon specifically signifiy the native and the body in Hellenistic Astrology.

In Modern Astrology, it is believed that every part of the natal chart is active throughout a person’s life. On the other hand, some natal placements are activated only once or a few times and then cease to be active for the remainder of a person’s life in Hellenistic Astrology.

Transits are heavily emphasized in Modern Astrology, but they are usually the last thing Traditional Astrologers work with after implementing other techniques such as annual profections, circumambulation through the bounds, and zodiacal releasing.

For predictive techniques, Modern Astrologers often use secondary progressions, solilunar returns, and solar arc directions.

Furthermore, the concept of sect that determines the most benefic/malefic planets in a chart is not used in Modern Astrology. 

Hellenistic Astrology was influenced by Stoic philosophy so accepting one’s fate, “amor fati”, was a key theme in the Hellenistic tradition, while Modern Astrology leans more towards the Soul’s developmental process, evolution, karma, synchronicity, and manifestation.

I personally use predictive techniques from Hellenistic Astrology and turn to Modern Astrology for a deeper understanding of a person’s inner world. I’ve learned how to synthesize both approaches in my practice.