24 Signs You’re Having a Spiritual Awakening

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    spiritual awakening

    In the process of spiritual awakening, you meet your Higher Self and begin to question every part of your existence.

    Along the way, your old way of life seems like it’s falling apart, but in reality, you’re shedding everything that doesn’t resonate with your current vibrational frequency.

    The transformational process is usually uncomfortable at first, but it’s a blessing in disguise that’s bringing in the right conditions for new high-vibrational experiences and opportunities that match your expanding consciousness.

    You may find that you…

    Refuse to participate in gossip

    Become more mindful of the words you use to express yourself

    Start having more vivid dreams and deja vu

    Need a radical change, your current life path no longer feels fulfilling

    Begin to attract like-minded individuals who are on similar paths of self-realization

    Have a strong desire to study/learn more about spirituality and metaphysics

    Are suddenly invested in personal development and self-improvement

    Feel inclined to make healthier food choices, junk food is no longer satisfying

    Develop sensitivities/allergies to junk food and/or toxic chemicals

    Have outgrown relationships or jobs that no longer serve your greatest good

    Become aware of outdated personal beliefs and self-imposed limitations

    Realize that everything in this world is one big paradox

    Avoid negative people as much as possible

    Stop caring about what others think of you and your life choices

    Feel an inner calling to serve others, even if you’re currently not sure how

    Feel like you’re here to fulfill a mission that transcends personal interests

    See the positive side in even the most challenging situations

    Feel more empathetic towards others

    Accept others just the way they are without passing judgement, live and let live

    Find yourself spending more time in nature and feeling rejuvenated afterwards

    Experience heightened emotions when repressed pain and trauma from the past resurface and are finally processed

    Feel like you’re having a life crisis, especially when you resist necessary changes

    Feel energy sensations, tingling, electric-like sparks, and/or pressure around your crown chakra energy center.

    Accept that your spiritual aspect is a natural part of your multi-dimensional existence

     Let today’s spiritual awakening propel you forward into your future vision where you are the best version of yourself ✨

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