4 Simple Tips To Start Your Spiritual Biz

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    You’re probably here because you feel that it’s time to launch an online spiritual biz, but you’re not sure how to get started.

    Maybe you’re unclear about the legalities that are involved in starting an online business. I’ve decided to create this simple resource list to support you in the process.

    In this post, you will find the resources you need to:

    Set up a self-hosted blog/website for your online business if you haven’t already

    Start an official LLC (limited liability company) for your business/company

    Legally protect your business blog/website

    Add a cookie consent/disclaimer banner to your website to comply with internet laws

    So without further ado…

    Set up a self-hosted blog/website for your online business if you haven’t already

    Having a business website is essential in 2020. The world is rapidly entering a technological era where AI and remote jobs are becoming the new norm.

    This shift into the age of information is being accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, and we need to adapt in order to thrive.

    Establishing your online presence is the best thing you can do. Your business website will become a personal asset for many years to come. The sky is the limit with regards to how many people you’ll be able to reach on social media.

    In a previous tutorial, How To Start A Blog, I’ve provided an easy-to-follow guide on how to set up your own self-hosted blog from scratch.

    Start an official LLC for your business/company

    Starting an LLC is a relatively straightforward process. Doing this will protect your personal assets by limiting the liability to the resources of the business itself.

    It can also provide protection against legal claims, including lawsuits.

    Lawyers charge $500 or more to do this for their clients.

    Here’s a FREE step-by-step guide created by a public accountant

    You will learn how to:

    Choose your business name

    Create your business with your Secretary of State

    Apply for your Employer Identification Number (EIN)

    Open a bank account for your business

    Keep track of business revenue and expenses

    File your business taxes

    Legally protect your business blog/website with legal templates

    Another essential step to protect your online business is by implementing a privacy policy and disclaimer on your website. This protects your blog/website from getting sued by virtually anyone who visits your website.

    If you do any kind of freelancing work, then it’s recommended to have contract agreements, proposal templates, and such.

    Lawyers charge thousands of dollars to create these legal templates for businesses, so I’ve found a better solution for you…

    You can find a legal bundle that contains all these documents on ASelfGuru for an affordable one-time fee. 

    You will receive the following documents:

    Privacy Policy

    Terms & Conditions


    Freelance agreements

    Add a cookie consent/disclaimer banner to your website

    In order to comply with internet laws such as GDPR, you need to have a cookie consent banner on your website.

    It’s important to state how you plan on using visitors’ personal information and data.

    You can install a WordPress plugin called Complianz. It’s user friendly and does all the work for you.

    If you follow these easy steps, you’ll have everything you need to set up your online spiritual biz.

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