6 Amazing Crystals for Starseed Souls

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    Starseed Souls function much differently than Earth Souls in the sense that their energy bodies are not accustomed to the dense lower vibrations in this physical realm because of their high-vibrational origins, such as places of incarnation that are non-physical.

    Consequently, Starseeds may have a hard time adjusting to this physical experience and certain crystals can assist with soothing their energies as well as improving their overall wellbeing. In a previous post, Your Soul Group of Origination, I talk more about Starseed traits.

    If you’re a Starseed and feel like you need an extra boost to come into your own power and live as the agent of transformation that you’ve chosen to be in this lifetime, then these crystals are definitely worth adding to your self-care toolbox.

    I’ve picked out the following crystals that are beneficial for Starseeds based on both personal experience and research:

    Moldavite – This is the king of cosmic crystals. Researchers have come to the conclusion that moldavite formed in the atmosphere when a meteorite impacted the Czech Republic approximately 14.8 million years ago.

    The impact released so much energy in the process and created this beautiful green tektite crystal that was embedded with cosmic energy, literally out of this world!

    Moldavite’s vibration is so strong that it’s often felt as heat or vibration, even by those who are not sensitive to subtle energy. Holding a piece of Moldavite can be overwhelming for the average person.

    Starseeds, on the other hand, usually feel uplifted and comfortable with this cosmic energy. This crystal’s high frequency can help you tap into Higher consciousness.

    Libyan Desert Glass (also known as Libyan Gold Tektite) –  This tektite crystal is found in the desert near the Egyptian and Libyan border. While its origin remains unknown, it’s believed to have formed as a result of a meteorite impact about 28 million years ago.

    It’s particularly known for assisting with past life exploration and regression. Libyan Desert Glass strengthens your personal will, ability to create, and manifesting potential. It can also help with setting healthy boundaries and boosting self-confidence. 

    The golden light within this crystal can also help strengthen your communication with Beings of Light and reconnect to ancient knowledge, such as the Akashic Records.

    Black Tourmaline – This is one of the best crystals for grounding as well as transmuting low-vibrational energy. Black Tourmaline never needs to be cleansed and protects your energy field from external energies that don’t belong to you.

    It helps you stay rooted in your physical body and connected to the Earth plane. Because you naturally vibrate at a high-frequency, I recommend keeping a grounding crystal like Black Tourmaline with you at all times, especially when you use other high-vibrational crystals like Moldavite.

    Blue Kyanite – Just like Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite does NOT need to be cleansed either! I’ve always found it interesting that their crystalline structures are very similar too.

    This multi-dimensional crystal aligns your astral body with your physical body, making it easier to tap into Higher guidance. Kyanite is a catalyst for expanded consciousness in waking, dreaming, and even dreamless sleep. It also promotes lucid dreaming and dream recall.

    Phenakite (also spelled Phenacite) – This crystal works directly on the mind and the physical brain. It activates the latent special capacities housed in the prefrontal lobes, the newest and most advanced parts of the brain.

    It can also assist with opening up your third eye, crown, and upper etheric chakra energy centers and removing negative emotions like fear and despair. If one of your lower chakras is out of balance, Phenakite will have a homeostasis effect on your entire chakra system and balance it out.

    Tanzanite (also known as Blue Zoisite) – This crystal is wonderful for releasing stress and overwhelm from everyday life. It helps individuals take a step back and re-evaluate how they’re spending their time.

    Tanzanite’s beautiful blue/violet hues emit high-vibrational energies that boost creativity and self-control in everything you do. It releases old behavior and thought patterns and promotes stillness. Ultimately, it enhances your intuitive gifts and connection to Spirit. It can also assist with improving your communication and self-expression.

    There’s a group of very high-vibrational crystals called the Synergy 12 stones. Moldavite, Phenakite, and Tanzanite are part of this group. When they’re used together, they complement each other and can act as intense catalysts of evolution.

    The Synergy 12 are some of the most high-vibrational crystals in the mineral kingdom. I didn’t cover all the Synergy 12 crystals here since I haven’t had the opportunity to use the other ones myself, but they’re definitely worth looking into.

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