Sincerely Neptune is a byproduct of my lifelong passion for Astrology and Consciousness studies. I’ve always envisioned having an online space where I can build a community of like-minded individuals and share information that could help others on their journey of self-discovery.

My love for Astrology developed when I was 11 years old. I used to read my daily horoscope on and then started learning about the four elemental energies and was fascinated by all of it. That was the first real glimpse into what makes my Soul light up.

One of my parents passed away suddenly around the same period which turned my world upside down. Having experienced this loss and the heavy grief that came with it at such a young age, yet old enough to understand and remember what happened, opened up parts of myself I probably wouldn’t have accessed entirely on my own.

This triggered spiritual experiences I couldn’t explain rationally. At the time, I didn’t know this was the beginning of my spiritual awakening since it was all still very new to me. I talk more about potential spiritual triggers HERE.

From there, my existential quest for answers led me to learning about the purpose of humanity, our connection with the Universe, Soul evolution, archetypes, karma and dharma, the cycle of life and death, past lives, the Spirit realm, and more.

Within the last decade, I’ve completed professional training in modalities such as Reiki Levels I-IV, Interfaith Ministry, Western Astrology, Intuitive Development, and Akashic Record Readings.

Astrology has provided clarity on some of my most pressing life questions. It’s helped me attain a deeper understanding of the life cycles we all go through which are also reflected in the planetary cycles.

The name Sincerely Neptune was inspired by my natal Neptune in the 8th House (the house of death, rebirth, shadow work, shared resources, and transformation) along with my Pisces Midheaven 10th house (the house that provides clues to your life’s work)

Neptune’s energy is formless, yet all-encompassing. This quote sums up this archetype’s energy beautifully:

“Inspired by an image of transcendent wholeness, I surrender to His will in hopes of achieving eternal bliss.”

Neptune’s Higher expression truly does feel blissful.

I’ve found great relief and inner peace in realizing that this physical life is only a tiny drop in the infinite bucket of our Soul’s evolution. I hope that this safe space provides the same level of comfort and insight for you.

Make yourself at home 💜

Until next time,

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