Are You Intuitive? 14 Signs That You Really Are

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    14 signs that you may be intuitive

    If you’re reading this, then chances are that your Higher Self has nudged you to explore your intuitive abilities that go beyond your perception of the world through the five physical senses.

    Maybe one day you started having precognitive dreams that later happened in real life or you acquired an inner knowing of who’s calling whenever the phone rings. Maybe you recall seeing beautiful colors in your mind’s eye when you were a kid and then the experiences stopped happening all of a sudden.

    You’re intrigued by these unseen experiences that can’t be explained with your rational mind or validated with evidential proof and embark on a journey of self-discovery to learn more about your multi-dimensional existence.

    Intuitive gifts aren’t a privilege for the chosen few, they’re every Soul’s birthright. A lot of people are born with their intuitive abilities wide open, but they close up over time due to a combination of social conditioning, religious upbringing, limiting beliefs, creative blockages, or fear of ridicule.

    Others are not born with these gifts out in the open and instead are activated later in life through triggering events such as pregnancy, trauma, the death of a loved one, spiritual awakening, or near-death experiences. Your karma from past lifetimes weighs heavily on how open your intuitive gifts will be when you reincarnate here.

    The 4 most well known intuitive abilities are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear feeling). There are also 2 secondary gifts called clairgustance (clear tasting) and clairalience (clear smelling), but these are very rare.

    All of us have a dominant intuitive gift in the sense that you may be naturally clairsentient, but not so clairvoyant or vice versa. There’s a common misconception about needing to be clairvoyant in order to be considered intuitive, but this is not true.

    Many professional intuitives predominantly use clairaudience or clairsentience in their work and receive highly accurate information. Clairvoyance is not superior in any way, everyone simply has different ways of receiving Divine guidance.

    Here’s a list of 14 telltale signs that you are intuitive:

    Random songs that you haven’t listened to in a really long time pop into your head with clear lyrics that are relatable to a current life situation, usually the first one that comes to mind.

    Sudden inspirational ideas and solutions flow into your awareness and it feels like their origin is otherworldly, like they were planted in your consciousness. You may feel elevated and experience inner bliss while it’s happening.

    You’re sensitive to energy sensations in your physical body, you’ve felt concentrated energy vibrating/buzzing/popping in one of your chakra energy centers.

    You notice synchronicity and serendipity of the Universe in your everyday life through the presence of repeating signs, numbers, archetypes, and words.

    You have vivid dreams of visitations from deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, or other Light Beings.

    You’ve always been drawn to metaphysics and spirituality, or a major life event opened you up to the world of Spirit.

    You just “know” certain things and feel them to be true with all your Being, without having a tangible source of validation.

    You receive uplifting advice and encouragement that sounds like your own inner voice, but you know it’s Higher guidance.

    You can sense how someone is feeling in the moment, even if they’re 1000 miles away.

    You daydream of events in waking state that at first feel like just your imagination, but later come to pass.

    You see flashing lights, sparks, or colorful orbs in your surroundings that quickly disappear when you look again.

    You tend to finish other people’s sentences, especially those you’re close to.

    You’re usually right about other people’s intentions, you might get an uncomfortable gut sensation or sudden anxiety around those who have ill intentions.

    You feel a tingly electric spark and/or cob web sensation around your face, head, neck, and shoulders when a Spirit presence is around.

    No matter where you fall on the intuitive spectrum, there’s always room for growth and expansion. You can easily improve your intuitive skills with practice and consistency. When you become really adept at using a specific clair, it usually spills over and activates your other intuitive gifts over time.

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