Astrology Sessions

75-Minute Natal Chart Consultation

Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology can be defined as the study or observation of the correspondence between celestial and mundane events. The energy of the cosmos is imprinted on your Soul the moment you took your first breath on this material plane. The natal chart depicts the planetary positions at the moment of birth.

Your natal chart provides the bigger picture of the symbolic relationship between archetypal energies and material reality. Astrology aids in bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness.

My Astrology practice blends ancient and modern concepts.

For natal charts, I use the tropical zodiac with Whole Sign houses most of the time. With regards to celestial bodies, I work with the 10 planets from the Sun out to Pluto, as well as fixed stars and asteroids. I look at the natal chart as a whole to identify the most active archetypal themes in your life.

For short-term inquiries, such as forecasting for the year ahead, I focus on the solar return, profections, distributions through the Egyptian bounds, secondary progressions, and transits.

For long-term inquiries, I use zodiacal releasing, which provides a timeline review divided into chapters for your entire life. This timelord technique highlights peak periods where you may encounter new opportunities, challenges, or just a lot of activity in general in terms of your life direction and career.

Many individuals become interested in Astrology because they want to solve a problem, attain deeper self-awareness, or align with the nature of the cosmos.

I need the following birth information for the consultation:

Month / Day / Year

Birth Time AM/PM

Place of Birth (city, state, country)

Please make sure that the birth time source is reliable and exact to the minute for accuracy

Let me know if there’s a specific topic you have in mind.

If you have any questions prior to the consultation, you can email me at: