Don’t Have Time To Design Your Blog? Do This Instead

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    With a million things going on all at once, learning how to design your blog is probably the last thing on your mind. I get it.

    I’ve tried free and paid options to design websites, from coding with pure HTML/CSS to installing the free Elementor WordPress plugin for drag-n-drop design. While I enjoyed learning how to do all this, it was really time consuming.

    If you do decide to design your blog from scratch, you need to learn a bit about the latest web design practices such as:

    HTML5 and CSS3
    Responsive web design
    Color theory

    You don’t need to become a web design expert, but it helps to learn about what goes into designing a website so that it looks modern and elegant. Your business website is a personal investment, so go all out. Presentation is everything.

    Learning the basics of web design takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks and repetition is key to reinforce everything you’ve learned.

    What I mean by this is that if you watch a web design tutorial once and don’t apply the concepts in a real life project shortly afterwards, you will not remember much the next time you pick up where you left off and will need to start over from the beginning.

    Ask yourself honestly, do you really want to spend 3-4 weeks learning how to design your blog or would you rather focus your attention on another part of your spiritual biz within this time frame?

    Not everyone has the free time to sit down and learn how to design a blog from scratch, plus hiring a web designer may not be feasible for your budget, as most designers charge $500 or more for good quality work, which brings me to this next point.

    To speed up the website creation process, you can install a done-for-you web theme from 17th Avenue Designs

    Their web themes are clean, dynamic, and absolutely gorgeous. 

    Serif fonts are making a quick comeback in 2021 and pale color palettes are all the rage these days, since they convey a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

    If you would rather not install the theme yourself because you fear messing it up, they offer the option of installing it for you.

    You can also customize any web theme to your liking and let their support team know that you would like to use a certain layout or color scheme.

    If you need some design inspiration, you can find aesthetically appealing color schemes on ColorHunt.

    This is the next best choice in terms of designing a website/blog that will look stunning, resonate with your vision, and wow your audience.

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