75-Minute Electional Chart Consultation

Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology involves deliberately choosing a specific moment in the future in order to initiate an important venture such as opening a business, getting married, traveling abroad, moving into a home, signing a legal document, publishing a book, etc. 

The chart that is cast for a specific endeavor can determine the conditions and the outcome by analyzing the planetary positions for the moment that it was initiated. The premise of Electional Astrology implies that if you can control the beginning of an endeavor, then you can control the final outcome. The potential of whatever is initiated is interconnected with the moment of its inception.

Electional Astrology is derived from Katarchic or Inceptional Astrology, which consists of casting a chart for the beginning of anything (that is not a person). The Greek word “katarche” means beginning or inception.

An electional chart acts like a transit to your natal chart since you’re consciously making a choice or taking action on something that will echo into eternity, just as the natal chart remains active after death.

Rather than letting a new undertaking unfold organically for better or worse, choosing an auspicious time can ensure the best possible outcome and stack the odds in your favor.

I need the following birth information for the consultation:

Month / Day / Year

Birth Time AM/PM

Place of Birth (city, state, country)

Please make sure that the birth time source is reliable and exact to the minute for accuracy

The type of venture


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