Energetic Protection – Why You Need It

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    energetic protection

    You need energetic protection if you’re sensitive to the energy in your surroundings and always find yourself picking up on vibes of people around you. 

    You’re very likely susceptible to absorbing residual energy that doesn’t belong to you. Over time, this could wreak havoc on your energy field and bring you out of balance if it’s not properly dealt with.

    So why does this happen and what kind of energies are you prone to absorbing?

    There are two kinds of individuals in this world; those who have their energy fields closed off, and then there’s individuals like you and me who have open energy fields and attract all kinds of external energies like a moth to a flame.

    Those with closed energy fields block everything out because they’re extremely grounded to this dense earthly realm. Some people are simply born this way. On the other hand, the group we fall into have what is known as holes in the aura. Having a porous energy field makes it really easy for you to pick up astral debris without even realizing it.

    Alongside this physical world exists the astral plane, which consists of both higher and lower astral planes. As you can probably imagine, the higher planes are where high vibrational beings like your Spirit guides reside, while the lower planes are home to entities who have drifted away from the Light/Source/All That Is, but they’re not inherently “evil”.

    Even if some of these low vibrational entities did unspeakable things such as murder when they were alive, there’s always the choice of moving towards the Light, they’ve just chosen not to. Some people believe that these beings never return to the Light, but every Soul has the same capacity for evolution.

    One of the most common energies that individuals with open auric fields tend to attract are earthbound spirits who reside in these lower planes.

    Earthbound spirits tend to stick around for a broad range of reasons such as having a fear of being judged or punished in the afterlife, denying their own death, being unable to release an earthly addiction, or missing the experience of having a physical body; but the one thing all earthbound spirits have in common is that they are stuck in a state of fear, guilt, and other low vibrational emotions.

    Earthbound spirits can perceive whenever someone has an open energy field and may become tempted to “ride along” if the person’s aura seems inviting and appealing. This isn’t the same thing as possession because in this case, the earthbound spirit isn’t fully taking over the person’s physical body, they’re simply attaching themselves to the person’s energy field and somewhat living through their experiences and emotions.

    Every Soul contract, whether if it’s with someone in the world of the living or in the astral realms, is always a two-way street. Any entities who gravitate towards you are drawn to you for a particular reason, and it’s always a learning experience for both parties involved. They might relate to your personal beliefs or thrive on your strong emotions.

    Your auric field is made up of electromagnetic energy so picking up on energies is like tuning into a radio station. People can have one or even multiple earthbound spirits attached to them at a time, which can be really draining. Attached entities don’t force you to do anything, but they definitely are capable of exaggerating negative emotions that are already present in your aura.

    Other external energies that can create disharmony in your energy field include negative thought forms, other people’s emotional states, and influencing energies from those who have their own personal agenda for you such as family members who try to force you into a certain way of living that goes against your Divine truth.

    Just because you may attract these unwanted energies into your auric field doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them, but you need to consciously work towards cleansing and protecting yourself on a daily basis. It’s a must for anyone with an open aura.

    When you cleanse your energy body on a daily basis, you’ll feel lighter and notice more clarity of thought. If you do any kind of intuitive work, this is especially beneficial for opening up your intuitive channels and removing energetic blockages, as having an entity attachment or any other form of low vibe energies could interfere with your energy flow and muddle accuracy during intuitive sessions.

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