How To Monetize Your Blog in 2021 And Beyond

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    The information presented in this post is for those who have a blog or a business website. I use these terms interchangeably since you can have a business website with a blog or just a blog, but regardless of whichever one of these applies to your situation, you’ll still find valuable insight here.

    When I first started doing intuitive work about a decade ago, I had very little guidance on how to build a business around my personal interests.

    This comprehensive guide covers a variety of potential monetization methods that you can start experimenting with TODAY.

    You will learn about the following methods:

    Affiliate Marketing
    Digital Products
    Physical Products
    Monthly Subscriptions


    Ads are sometimes viewed in a negative light because of their intrusive approach, but bear with me. You don’t need to overwhelm your audience with spammy ads.

    By joining an ad network, you can start earning passive income without creating ads because they’re already done for you.

    Here’s a list of some ad networks that are worth looking into:

    Google AdSense: This is the best option for beginners since it doesn’t require a minimum amount of traffic. While they don’t state a specific minimum traffic requirement, you do need to have a good amount of steady traffic visiting your site.

    Mediavine: This network requires a minimum of 25,000 website/blog sessions within the last 30 days to be approved.

    AdThrive: This network requires a a minimum of 100,000 pageviews within the last 30 days to be approved.

    With this method, the amount of passive income that you earn is directly proportionate to your traffic. The more traffic your website/blog has, the better.

    It doesn’t matter if your blog posts target a specific audience, no matter what your content is about, as long as you have a lot of traffic and create content that brings value, you can make money from ads.

    Start a podcast or vlog and sell advertising space

    When you’ve built a steady following, you can sell ad space to companies. What this means is that you would promote a company at the beginning, middle, and/or end of your content.

    I’m sure you’ve seen this on Youtube where vloggers say something along the lines of “This video is brought to you by (company’s name)…”

    In order to be eligible for a company sponsorship, you need to provide data that shows your total number of subscribers and/or the average number of downloads/views your content gets within a certain time frame. It’s entirely possible to offer ad space at a fixed rate on a month-to-month basis.


    Sponsorships are more subtle than direct advertising, which is why you need to disclose your association with a company by informing your audience that your content was sponsored. You do this by stating something like “This is a sponsored post.”

    You can also publish sponsored content on social media channels. Again, you need to disclose your relationship with the company by at least adding a simple hashtag that says #sponsored or #ad.

    Affiliate Marketing

    You can earn passive income with affiliate marketing by promoting a product you’re familiar with. You earn a commission for every conversion made via your affiliate link.

    This method is most effective when you endorse products/services that you personally approve of because it makes you an expert from firsthand experience and builds trust with your audience.

    Additionally, as stated by the FTC, you’re legally required to disclose whenever you use an affiliate link in your content.

    Here are a few affiliate networks you can begin using today:

    Skimlinks: What’s awesome about this network is that it automatically converts regular links on your blog into affiliate links if an affiliate program is available for that product. This saves time by reducing the need to apply to every affiliate program individually.

    Amazon Associates: A lot of people, especially those based in the US, promote their favorite products from Amazon. Depending on what your niche is, you can go for pricey items like BBQ grills or promote cheaper products like herbal supplements.

    Many successful bloggers run between 10-20 websites to promote Amazon products for several niches. This broadens their earning potential and gives them the opportunity to test out different niches.

    Just remember that you receive a commission for every sale, so the more expensive a product is, the more earning potential you’ll have.

    Awin: Awin is a global affiliate network that has partnerships with major companies that include Etsy, Groupon, Honey, BuzzFeed and Aliexpress.

    ShareASale: I learned about this affiliate network through a blogger I follow.

    Clickbank: This is another affiliate network with major earning potential. If implemented strategically, this program can bring in $200 or more every month.

    Last but not least, think of all of your favorite products and see if they have an affiliate partner program.

    Digital Products

    Selling digital products removes the inconvenience of storing inventory or dealing with shipping costs and weekly trips to the post office.

    The best part about creating a digital product is that you only need to create it once and can sell it passively for a lifetime, especially if it’s an evergreen product.

    Evergreen means that the product will always be in demand, it’s not a trending fad or seasonal product. 

    Moreover, you get to keep 100% of your revenue, you might just need to pay a small processing fee if you sell through a major platform like Etsy.

    Some examples of digital products include:

    Online courses
    Document templates (contracts, business forms, checklists, cheatsheets, etc.)
    Graphic art bundles
    Website themes

    Physical Products

    Just like digital products, you can create physical products once and reap the financial benefits for a lifetime.

    Some examples of physical products include:

    Art printables

    Start a dropshipping side hustle

    You can sell merch print-on-demand products like T-Shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, etc. with custom graphic designs.

    My top 4 print-on-demand websites are:

    Merch by Amazon


    Red Bubble


    Merch by Amazon and Etsy have more traffic than most Merch sites on the internet, so your products receive more visibility.

    Red Bubble and Teepublic are smaller companies, but still bring in a decent amount of traffic and revenue. 

    I actually started selling merch products with witchy designs in early January 2020 and have made some profit from them.

    There are merch sellers who make thousands of dollars with this business venture, but I haven’t invested myself enough to reach that point.

    I have a maximum of 140 products with spiritual art that so far has been bringing in $200-$300 monthly, and the revenue has been gradually increasing since January. I haven’t uploaded new products for a while.

    So if you ever decide to give merch a chance, know that this business model has a snowballing effect because of how SEO works and therefore may take some time to start generating steady revenue, but once you start seeing more sales, it gets easier.

    Monthly Subscriptions

    If you like the idea of sharing content fresh off the press every month through blogging, vlogging, or podcasting; then this is right up your alley.

    You can provide exclusive content for community members and charge a monthly fee for premium access.

    Some resources that you can offer include webinars, audio trainings, courses, downloads, masterminds, Facebook groups, and so much more.


    This is for you if you enjoy interacting with clients on a frequent basis.

    It’s the least passive way of earning income out of all the methods mentioned in this post, so new entrepreneurs may shy away from this approach, but it’s good for getting your foot in the door and breaking out of your comfort zone.

    Some freelancing examples include:

    Spiritual coaching
    Intuitive readings
    Energy healing sessions
    Yoga classes
    Business coaching
    Psychic development training
    Blogging gigs

    You can offer 1-month or 3-month packages for your services.

    Channel your creative energy and expertise through one or several of these monetization methods to bring your vision to life. Dreams do come true 🙂 

    I’ve realized that scarcity is a mental state, not a reality. Being spiritual and having the desire to pursue a vocation that’s soulfully fulfilling doesn’t mean you need to live in poverty.

    You DESERVE to receive generous compensation for sharing your Soul gifts with others. Everything is an exchange of energy in this world, and earning a living with your spiritual offerings is no exception. 

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