Mars Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 6°

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    2021 is the year of The Hierophant in Tarot, numbered 5 (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5) and ruled by the fixed sign Taurus.

    Today’s Moon in Taurus joining the super charged Mars-Uranus conjunction plus Black Moon Lilith is not only shining a light on the current global crisis and its many complexities, but also adding a new dimension of re-calibration resilience.

    If we tune into the archetypal energy of The Hierophant, we can dig deeper into our own personal values. By personal values, I don’t mean personal philosophy, but rather, what we value the most and what brings value into our lives. Some other themes associated with this Tarot card are mentorship, guidance, establishment, commitment, and spiritual community.

    Taurus’ archetype is associated with personal income (earned through your own efforts), finances, currency, personal possessions, abundance in all forms, the physical body, stability, comfort, and all things tangible. If any sign can bring something down to earth and materialize it in the physical realm, it’s Taurus.

    So what does all this have anything to do with the current global status? Well, a lot. With Uranus in Taurus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that happened in December 2020, society experienced a paradigm shift into a new era of Air energy that will continue to unfold in the next few years.

    It’s no coincidence that cryptocurrency has been gaining traction during Uranus’ ingress into Taurus (the sign of currency). Uranus is the very definition of decentralization and liberation from authoritarianism and outdated institutions.

    Major companies like PayPal have already begun to accept Bitcoin as a payment method because they know that digital currency is the future of money, even though it’s still in its infancy.

    Today’s Mars-Uranus conjunction embodies explosive raw energy that reflects the growing tension that has been witnessed collectively, but also brings the long awaited momentum that the world needs to heal.

    The problems of 2020 won’t fully go away in 2021 because there is still much work to do, but there will at least be less constriction and more movement.

    Mars, the warrior archetype that carries the energies of assertiveness, action, aggression, and determination; combined with Uranus, the revolutionary bringer of change that perpetually takes leaps of faith into the unknown; are both pushing us beyond our boundaries during these times of crises.  

    The Taurean archetype is notorious for resisting change for the sake of safety and self-preservation, no matter how bad things get. This is why Uranus in Taurus can be an awkward energy, because Uranus wants change while Taurus prefers stability over dealing with the unknown. 

    Sometimes order and reform are born from what initially seems like chaos. Anything that falls outside the lines of our ordinary lives feels unsettling and uncomfortable at first, but that’s when true growth happens.

    The last Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus was in 1942. How will you use this once-in-a-lifetime transit in your life? It will most definitely be felt on a personal level. 

    2021 will redefine how people choose to make a living and use their personal assets in unconventional ways.

    Now is the time to create a new blueprint for abundance flow. Examine your limiting beliefs about worthiness, money, and success.

    We need to stop fearing the unknown by removing ourselves from living predictable everyday lives that will not bring the changes our Souls fervently desire.

    We have the ability to rewire our minds and expand our consciousness in such an extraordinary way that we begin to perceive the unknown as a gateway to new possibilities and opportunities that can physically manifest in our direct experience.

    If we continue to follow our old subconscious ways of being, then all we will get is the same old, same old. 

    Tap into your infinite reservoir of potential with the assistance of this Mars-Uranus conjunction. Challenge yourself and stimulate your mind with new experiences and upgraded routines. Learn something new every day, reinforce positive habits and thought patterns, and visualize a brighter future reality for yourself on a daily basis.

    If Mercury rules the lower mind, then Uranus rules the Higher mind, so in order to evolve, we need to embrace our inner creative genius and pursue a new path fearlessly. 

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