The Akashic Records – What Are They?

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    Akashic Records

    The Akashic Records are the Universe’s memory bank which contains infinite knowledge about your Soul’s origins, gifts, trainings, primary lessons, challenges, experiences, karma, past lives, possibilities, and more.

    As your Soul continues to learn, grow, and evolve over time; the Akashic Records expand simultaneously to reflect your ongoing transformation and the future possibilities that are aligned with your current path. They update in real time just like a cloud on a computer. The Akashic Records are timeless, accessible at any moment, and present in all places in the Universe.

    They’re not static in the sense that they only contain information that is set in stone, especially with regards to the future. Everything is energy and constantly fluctuating, plus nothing can intervene with your free will. It’s true that your Soul created a plan before incarnating here, but that doesn’t mean it won’t temporarily deviate from its originally intended path from time to time.

    These Soul records are located in the Higher realms of existence where Divine beings of Light reside. These realms vibrate at such a high frequency that they are invisible to your conscious awareness due to the physical limitations that come with being incarnated in a physical body on this dense earthly realm. 

    The truth is that the Higher realms and this physical realm overlap, they’re not two “separate” worlds, so accessing the Akashic Records is possible for this reason.

    How were they discovered?

    Humanity has been aware of the Akashic Records’ existence since the beginning of civilization, some sacred texts referred to them as “The Book of Life.” For a long time, the teachings of the records were exclusive to mystics, occultists, theosophists, and scholars.

    Who can access the akashic records?

    The Akashic Records contain Higher wisdom and grant access only to those who wish to use it for the greater good of all. The ancients understood the responsibility that came with opening the door to this deep understanding of All That Is. Mystery schools from back then offered rigorous trainings to prepare spiritual seekers and preserve the integrity of the Akashic Records.

    A group of Light beings called Lords of the Akasha, or the Akashic gatekeepers, guard the Akashic Records from possible intruders. They’re basically bouncers at the entrance of the records. Anyone has the ability to access the Akashic Records with permission and the right training, as long as it’s done from a place of integrity and not just out of curiosity or mischief.

    Over the centuries, humanity’s collective consciousness has evolved exponentially to the point of breaking away from relying on a spiritual authority figure and moving towards a newfound way of being through exploring spiritual independence and self-discovery. What was once considered “occult” knowledge, or sacred hidden knowledge for only the select few, is now widely available to anyone who wishes to pursue esoteric studies.

    The Akashic Records topic became more mainstream in the early to mid-twentieth century when Edgar Cayce started giving Akashic Record readings and made the recordings available to the public. They provided details about the Akashic Records as well as helpful insight related to health and consciousness.

    Many people wonder what the Akashic Records look like and there’s no straight answer for this because it depends on how they appear to an Akashic Record reader. Some practitioners see a library, temple, house, or cave. Others don’t see anything visually in their mind’s eye and instead sense, hear, or feel what the records are like. I personally see a large golden library. All of these forms of perceiving the records are completely valid, as everyone has unique Soul gifts.

    How do the Akashic Records expand the Soul’s consciousness?

    Accessing experiential knowledge on your Soul’s origins in the Akashic Records illuminates your path by bringing forth clarity on the underlying lessons that have been at play throughout this current lifetime as well as previous lifetimes. In order to truly appreciate the wisdom that the Akashic Records offer, there should be an openness to the concept of reincarnation.

    You’ve most likely had multiple previous incarnations with a variety of different roles, lessons, experiences, traumas, accomplishments, emotions, and relationships that have shaped your Soul’s makeup over time, but who you are on the Soul level will always remain constant, you’ve just forgotten who you are.

    One of the most significant pieces of information that the Akashic Records shed light on is your Soul group of origination. This is your first place of incarnation (ever) as a Soul since the time of inception, or the beginning of time, which leaves a permanent imprint on your core Being. 

    When you choose to consciously reconnect with your Soul’s Divine truth and acknowledge the important role you play in both your personal growth and humanity’s collective evolution, you’re letting Spirit know that you’re ready to embrace your Soul’s gifts and this in itself creates a vibrational shift in your life experience.

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