The Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious Trinity

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    conscious subconscious and superconscious

    It’s often assumed that the mind is synonymous to the brain, but the mind actually transcends your physical brain and is divided into three levels of consciousness; the conscious, unconscious, and superconscious.

    The conscious mind is interrelated with your immediate awareness. This aspect is the reason you can use logic, reasoning, and analysis in everyday life. With conscious awareness, you have the ability to make choices, take action, stay grounded in the present, and be mindful of your surroundings. It’s a vehicle for self-expression and keeps you safe from potential threats.

    While the conscious is the most visible and accessible part of the mind, it’s also the most superficial since it’s mostly ruled by the intellect and makes up the smallest portion of your consciousness. The conscious mind can’t read between the lines on its own, it simply observes and categorizes the external world.

    The subconscious mind runs the elusive depths of your inner awareness. Its presence is more subtle, but it’s silently running in the background at all times. It’s literally recording everything that happens to you. Your subconscious awareness dictates many conscious choices. We all have subconscious programming embedded in our psyche from social conditioning rooted in childhood.

    Your instinctual reaction to certain events is influenced by past experiences. Subconscious influences are always from past actions and the habits that have been formed as a result. The subconscious mind conveys information through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams.

    Intuitive development requires a frame of reference composed of images, words, phrases, and symbols that can be used to communicate with your Higher Self and the Spirit realm. And guess where this frame of reference is stored, the subconscious mind. Spirit sometimes uses picture-like scenes from your memory bank to get a point across.

    The superconscious is the third level of the mind where full fledged Higher consciousness is accessible. It’s often associated with your Higher Self. With the superconscious, you’re able to perceive reality for what it really is rather than viewing it subjectively through a tainted filter from your subconscious.

    The superconscious allows you to attain a Higher perspective on all the infinite possibilities that exist for the creation process in the material world. It’s the mind space that makes you capable of transcending the illusion of separation and the limitations of logic.

    You may be wondering why we need the conscious or subconscious if the superconscious acts as a direct connection to Infinite Source/All That Is and I have a few theories on that.

    Moments of Higher consciousness tend to be fleeting for most people, unless they consciously train to enter altered states of consciousness at will through meditation, chanting, trance, affirmations, and prayers. Unless you meditate for a living, most of us live in Beta brain wave state in waking life, which is tied to conscious awareness.

    We live in a world of duality where we’re learning how to find balance between physical reality and Divine connection. Just how Spirit Guides block us from learning too much about the future because it could do more harm than good, our subconscious mind serves as the regulator between the superconscious and conscious so that we may only receive information that is most relevant at the moment. 

    Our limited human perception would not be able to fully grasp the raw infinite wisdom from the superconscious, and without the right preparation, it would be too overwhelming. This would put us at risk of becoming energetically disconnected from our earthly responsibilities.

    Phylameana Lila Desy from sums this up perfectly in the following excerpt:

    “You may wonder why your higher self allowed you to be led down a shady path of non-truths.

    Here’s the deal… knowing something, really knowing something is often learned through mishap experiences. Taking a wrong turn and taking a different paths for a while can be eye-opening.

    Sometimes we only find out what we really want by having things that end up having no value to us.. The higher self understands this and will “chill out” while you are figuring things out on your own. My higher self is very caring and patient in this way.”

    We’re here to learn how to integrate the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects as part of our Soul’s evolution, and if we only had access to the superconscious, we would miss out on a lot of potential growth from third dimensional experiences that are only available in the earthly realm.


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