The Great Conjunction 0° – December 21st, 2020

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    2020 has sent massive shockwaves across the Universe. Everyone knew that this year would be different because of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January, Uranus finally ingressing Taurus permanently, as well as the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st; but no one would’ve ever imagined that a microscopic virus would be the reason that the world would shift to a whole new reality on every level.

    It’s true (to a degree) that Pluto rules pandemics and death, and that Saturn’s energy is associated with intentional limitation; but looking at the state of the world only from this one-dimensional angle would be counterintuitive.

    After all, the world we live in is a place of polarity, where all extremes are possible, whether “good” or “bad”.  And the reason that opposites exist is so that we can evolve. We need to experience darkness in order to appreciate light. The temporary limitations that we have been experiencing are leading the way to a new paradigm shift in society.

    As briefly mentioned in my previous post, Full Moon in Aries 9° October 1st, 2020 – The Emperor, we have been witnessing Saturn and Pluto’s energy play out to the fullest this year. This is all a reflection of humanity’s collective consciousness resulting from centuries in the making, and we’ve reached our tipping point. 

    Saturn very much tells us that we reap what we sow. Saturn responds to what we have chosen to put out to the Universe. Saturn restricts because the Universe knows we need discipline and order.

    Pluto, on the other hand, is a transpersonal (collective) planet that is beyond our control and transcends human comprehension. It acts as an intergalactic regulator that re-establishes karmic balance wherever necessary, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient the process may be.

    Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have all been in Capricorn for the majority of 2020, which in turn have exposed the deepest cracks in society’s infrastructures such as healthcare, politics, social issues, and more. How could we possibly heal and realign without first acknowledging and integrating the darkness that still pervades right under our nose?

    This year has demonstrated that every individual on this planet is interconnected and how one small action can and will affect everything else in its path. We are approaching the dawn of a new era on December 21st, 2020 when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happens in Aquarius 0°.

    Number 0 in itself holds a powerful frequency of potential, reform, beginnings, and possibilities. It is alpha and omega all at once. 

    This upcoming transit has been on my mind these past few years because of how life changing it will be, collectively speaking. I’m excited for what awaits us on the other side. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (in Traditional Astrology) and Uranus (in Modern Astrology); meaning that Saturn will enter its diurnal domicile placement.

    Uranus is the first transpersonal planet in our Solar System, which marks the progressive transition from material existence (Saturn) into Higher consciousness.

    In the process of moving on from Saturn’s anchoring energy, we leave our ego identity behind the moment we enter Uranus’ domain. We are no longer defined by what we stand for in the world, and the focus shifts to how we contribute to the evolution of the larger whole.

    At age 84, we experience what is known as our first Uranus Return, which is when Uranus returns to the exact placement it was in during our time of birth. Not everyone lives to be 84, which is one reason that this special transit is sometimes associated with the end of physical life from a personal development perspective.

    However, those who do live to be 84 and beyond get to experience what it means to align with a new transcendent way of Being that is free from the constraints of mundane obligations.

    In Mythology, Uranus is linked to Prometheus, the great awakener who provided the fire torch of knowledge and liberated humanity from tyranny. This makes sense when we reflect on Uranus’ place in technological advancements, unconventional innovation, and sudden inspirational insight.

    This post is not intended to focus on Uranus, but I still wanted to provide a bit of background information to really emphasize why this upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is so significant. Aquarius embodies the energy of altruism, brotherhood, democracy, and futurism. It’s a universal sign that acts in the interest of the greater good of all involved.

    Aquarius is somewhat of a contradiction because of its dual rulerships of Saturn and Uranus. Although Aquarius is involved in community activities, on a personal level, there’s a cool detachment that might come off as aloof and careless to others. It’s sort of like you do you and I’ll do me, and everything will be fine as long as everyone plays their part and no one tries to micromanage.

    Social distancing is one example of Saturn in Aquarius in action. 

    What themes can we expect with The Great Conjunction?

    The internet, air travel, air pilots, tech, social groups, and humanitarian contribution are all visible manifestations of Aquarian energy. Wherever Aquarius is involved, there is no animosity, only genuine acceptance of every individual’s uniqueness.

    Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, and belief; while Saturn is the planet of definition, time, and effort. They are the planets of society that separate the personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars) from the transpersonal planets (uranus, neptune, pluto.) 

    With all this in mind, there will be a boom in air travel, remote work, business travel, self-governance, de-centralization, cryptocurrency, increased awareness of racial and social issues, universally reformed systems and institutions, reformed education, accessible higher learning, more scientific discoveries, and an emphasis on space travel and research.

    If the transit activates sensitive points in your natal chart, use the energies to your advantage to attain personal freedom, find your tribe or create your own, network with likeminded individuals, focus on your long-term vision, and think outside the box.

    When we’re dealing with social and transpersonal planets, the energies don’t manifest overnight. Instead, it’s a gradual process that becomes tangible to the public eye over time.

    Therefore, don’t expect anything drastic on December 21st when the exact 0° conjunction happens, the gifts that this ethereal transit brings will slowly reveal themselves in due timing.

    The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will shift society’s energy from the 200-year dense vibration of Earth to a new 200-year cycle of Air; the element of truth, clarity, ideas, communication, and intellect. There will most definitely be a sense of openness and light-heartedness that humanity has never experienced before.

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