Why You Should Come Out of the Spiritual Closet

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    Why you should come out of the spiritual closet

    Coming out of the spiritual closet can be liberating yet challenging, especially because of resistance that is often experienced from those who do not understand the world of Spirit.

    Even though the times are changing and spirituality is becoming more widely accepted, it’s still somewhat taboo. 

    It’s even more difficult when those who judge you for pursuing your own spiritual path are people you’ve known your whole life. Some of them might go to great lengths to hide your spiritual lifestyle from their social circle out of embarrassment or shame.

    This is undoubtedly creates a subconscious defense mechanism of feeling the need to hide your authentic Self from others out of fear of rejection or judgement, since the need to belong is ingrained in human nature.

    There’s not much you can do to change someone else’s personal beliefs or negative reactions, but don’t let that stop you from staying true to yourself. Keep reminding yourself that everyone here is on their own perfect path. 

    Their way of Being isn’t “wrong” and neither is yours, you’re just on completely different wavelengths. Don’t let this experience make you feel responsible for anyone’s Soul evolution but your own. 

    The people who don’t understand your unconventional life choices are not meant to understand them, but should at least respect them rather than try to force their personal belief system on you. And whoever isn’t willing to hold space for who you are doesn’t deserve your time or energy.

    When you withhold parts of yourself for the sake of not shaking up someone else’s comfort zone, you’re doing yourself a disservice. By doing this, you hinder your personal growth and subconsciously attract the wrong people and circumstances into your direct experience because you’re acting from a place of fear.

    Part of coming into your personal power entails shedding outdated beliefs and societal standards about how you should or shouldn’t live life and staying in alignment with your own Divine truth. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all way of Being.

    In this process of undoing all the social conditioning from your early years, you’ll inevitably drift away from whatever no longer resonates with your current vibrational frequency, which creates an open space for new Divine experiences, relationships, and opportunities that are actually aligned with your Higher Self.

    Embracing the new you doesn’t mean you’re betraying yourself in any way. Holding onto the old you only creates stuck-ness.  You don’t owe anyone an explanation and never need to receive external validation. YOU are your own validation! It always begins with yourself. You are your own authority.

    Your spiritual journey is too exciting to not embrace. Keep in mind that you don’t need to share everything with everyone and this doesn’t make you any less “authentic”, you can most definitely be selective about how much information you choose to share about yourself and with who.

    For instance, if you know your aunt wouldn’t take something too well and there’s no real need for her to know, then it would probably be wise to keep to yourself. 

    Having a tribe to support you on your spiritual journey is essential for your wellbeing.  Trust me when I say that you can and will find someone who loves exploring spirituality as much as you do.

    When you consciously change your story and release negative beliefs about what is possible, your consciousness expands and everything in your life begins to fall into place effortlessly because we are storied Beings. Everything that has ever come into physical manifestation in this world was first imagined and storied into existence. 

    The Universe is unbiased and only responds to the kind of energy you put out, so let your Light create ripple effects into the ether. Your Soul is a gift to this world, you’re planting seeds of Higher consciousness more than you know!

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