Your Brain Waves and Levels of Consciousness

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    your brain waves

    Many of us dismiss the fact that we control our own reality. In fact, your reality is not determined by external circumstances, but actually manifests from your thoughts, beliefs and mindset. Your brain waves and your subconscious mind are key components in your pursuit of happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

    Learning about the 7 brainwave states can familiarize you with the deeper levels of consciousness and help you determine which is most fitting for your current goals. Ultimately, you can create your reality at will, but to do this, you first need to understand your different brain frequencies.

    They’re a byproduct of neurons intermingling with each other through electrical change. Each frequency is measured in cycles per second (Hz) and has its own set of qualities representing a particular level of brain activity and a unique state of awareness.

    Here’s a breakdown of the 5 main brain wave states:

    Beta (12-30Hz): Beta brain waves are linked to conscious awareness and a heightened state of responsiveness, logic and critical reasoning. Although you’re usually functioning at Beta state in your daily routine, excessive Beta levels can trigger stress, anxiety and restlessness. The non stop mind chatter is also a byproduct of Beta.

    Alpha (7.5-12Hz): Alpha brain waves are associated with deep relaxation with the eyes usually closed. This detached state of awareness can be attained through light meditation and is ideal for programming your subconscious mind to create healthy habits. Alpha taps into your imagination, visualization, daydreaming, memory, learning and concentration.

    Theta (4-7.5Hz): Theta brain waves can emerge during deep meditative states and light sleep, including the REM dream state. Theta is prominent in your subconscious mind. A sense of all-encompassing unity with the Universe can be reached at Theta. Lucid visualizations, otherworldly inspiration, enhanced creativity, intuitive insight, and deep-seated programming are all within Theta.

    Delta (0.5-4Hz): Delta brain waves are known to have the slowest frequency. Delta is evident in deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep, transcendental meditation where awareness is fully detached. Delta is the domain of your unconscious mind. It’s the pathway to Universal consciousness and the collective unconscious. Deep healing and regeneration can occur at Delta, highlighting the importance of deep sleep for optimal health.

    There are 2 lesser known brainwave states that are associated with ecstatic states of consciousness. These are known as Lambda and Epsilon brainwave states.

    Lambda (100-200 Hz): Lambda waves vibrate at a very high frequency and are linked to experiencing wholeness and integration. They’re also present in mystical and out of body experiences. Lambda state synchronizes the left and right brain hemispheres.

    This state of consciousness is associated with Tibetan monks who can meditate for hours in the Himalayan mountains in sub-zero temperatures wearing little clothing and sustaining a hot body temperature which melts the snow around them. This frequency gives the body the ability to radiate heat and melt snow.

    Wim Hof, also known as “The Iceman”, is able to control his core body temperature and tolerate extreme freezing temperatures in Lambda state.

    Epsilon (0.5 HZ-0 HZ): Epsilon waves are extremely low frequency brain waves also associated with wholeness, integration, and synchronization of the left and right brain hemispheres. This is commonly referred to as “suspended animation”, which is when heartbeat, respiration, and/or pulse are no longer detectable.

    Experiences within these 2 brain wave states are found to have exactly the same consciousness states, despite their vastly contrasting speeds of oscillation. Researchers have discovered fast hyper-gamma/lambda brainwaves “riding” within epsilon brain wave patterns and vice versa. This points out their circular link and how the same level consciousness is achieved despite their differences.

    So how can you achieve these different states of consciousness?

    Developing a consistent daily meditation practice is recommended so that your brain will naturally begin to increase levels of alpha, theta, delta and gamma waves. Once you feel more familiarized with gamma and delta state, you can then explore lambda and epsilon.

    Another method is by using brainwave entrainment audio tracks, also known as binaural beats. You can find binaural beats in apps like Headspace, Calm, and BrainTap.

    Achieving hyper-gamma, lambda and epsilon states sounds exciting, but don’t skip training with gamma and delta frequencies first. Your brain needs to become acquainted with the 5 main brain waves before experiencing more powerful states of consciousness. You may incur headaches in the process, so take it easy when experimenting.

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