Your Energy Center of Training

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    your energy center of training

    Your energy center of training is associated with the seven chakra energies that your Soul embodies while incarnated in a physical body. You’ve chosen to focus on one of these energy centers in this lifetime.

    You may be familiar with the seven chakra system that has its roots in Vedic Philosophy. The Sanskrit word chakras translates to “Wheels of Life” because they’re energy centers located in the astral spine that consist of electromagnetic frequencies and spin clockwise like a vortex.

    The Yogic Encyclopedia emphasizes that “the central nervous system is the physical expression of the astral spine and, interestingly, has major centers near the areas of each of the chakras, where groups of nerves branch out from the spinal cord.”

    Each chakra represents a quality of consciousness. They can be either overactive, active, somewhat open, or underactive; depending on how aligned each chakra is. Most people tend to have an energetic imbalance in at least one of their chakras.

    Even if you do have a lot of energetic imbalances in your chakra centers, they will never turn completely off because this would mean you’re no longer living. Your chakra energy centers have a built-in safety system that prevents them from shutting down all the way.

    Correspondingly, there are seven energetic planes of existence in the Universe that are associated with the seven chakra energy centers. As above, so below. Each particular realm holds an energetic frequency that is essential for your Soul’s evolution in the earthly realm.

    The Yogic Encyclopedia provides a succinct explanation of the seven main chakra energy centers in chronological order:

    “The muladhara chakra (Root Chakra) is at the base of the spine. It represents the positive qualities of perseverance and loyalty, as well as stubbornness and attachment.

    The swadisthana chakra (Sacral Chakra) is about an inch above the first chakra. It represents creativity and sexuality.

    The manipura chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) is behind the navel. It represents self-control in its positive aspect and aggression in its negative

    The anahata chakra (Heart Chakra) is at the heart area. It represents feeling and emotion.

    The bishuddha chakra (Throat Chakra) is in the throat and represents calmness.

    The highest chakra, the agya chakra, (Third Eye Chakra) has two opposite ends.

    The negative end is at the base of the skull and represents the ego. The positive end is about an inch behind the point where the eyebrows meet. Bringing energy to this point brings enlightenment.

    The sahasrara chakra (Crown Chakra) is at the top of the head and represents complete liberation.”

    By focusing on this particular energy center of training in your earthly existence, you learn how to master its corresponding energetic realm.

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