Your Life Between Lifetimes Soul Trainings

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    your life between lifetimes soul trainings

    Interlife, or life between lifetimes, is commonly considered a period in our consciousness following physical death where we are hanging out in the afterlife, just floating around aimlessly with not much do, but this is far from the truth. There’s actually a lot more going on behind the scenes.

    Spirit Guides, for example, don’t just pass on to the afterlife and instantly know how to be a guide for someone else. They need to prepare for this growth-inducing commitment by first training with a group of Higher master guides.

    Similarly, your Soul undergoes trainings to learn a particular skill set that will be useful throughout the subsequent steps in your evolution. It’s almost the equivalent of attending college to pursue your career and choose a specialization.

    There are currently 13 Soul trainings that are known to exist in life between lifetime incarnations. Completing one or several of them may make you more knowledgeable in areas such as counseling, midwifery, law, environmental sciences, energy healing, computer science, and so forth.

    One of these “specializations” is the Ethicist Soul training. As you can probably guess, the Ethicist Soul learns how to discern “right” from “wrong” and establishes moral codes for certain Soul groups.

    There tends to be a slippery slope in terms of morality in the Spirit realm since the ambient is inherently neutral. What I mean by this is that what humans normally consider right and wrong in this world of separation is viewed from a Higher perspective in the Spirit realm.

    Some Souls take on only one training, while others take on multiple trainings, depending on how much each individual Soul wants to achieve. Sometimes taking one Soul training simply means that all the energy will be concentrated in a specific area. On the other hand, taking on multiple trainings could indicate that a Soul is ambitious about learning and plans on reincarnating frequently.

    Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Linda Backman, two highly esteemed regression hypnotherapists, have regressed thousands of patients and have created substantial case studies from their interlife regression sessions. Within the past few decades, patients have provided very similar descriptions of the conditions in the afterlife.

    If your Soul has previously immersed itself into one of the 13 Soul trainings, then you’ll most likely have an affinity for something in your life that comes naturally to you.

    These interlife experiences reinforce the fact that your Soul plays a significant role in the infinite creation process of the Universe. You are a part of creation as much as it is a part of you.

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