Your Soul Group of Origination

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    Your Soul Group of Origination

    Your Soul group of origination, the first place your Soul ever incarnated in, built the foundation of your Soul’s blueprint. The qualities that you initially integrated from these past incarnations make up who you are on the Soul level.

    At some point in your life, you’ve probably felt like you’re different from the norm and have wondered what you’re doing on this planet. Why did you choose to come here? You’ve never agreed with the way things work in society, and even though this is where you’re currently incarnated, it’s never truly felt like home in your Heart.

    Deep down, you know that the conditions of humanity could be better, you clearly see the potential here on Earth, but also understand that we live in a complex world of duality. You have a longing for a place your Soul knows to be home, you just don’t know exactly where that might be.

    You have an inner knowing of already having experienced the beauty of living in a place that is free from suffering and so full of Light, yet the struggle of being unable to replicate that same bliss here on Earth is real.

    If these statements resonate with you on some level, then it’s possible that your Soul has spent some time in other places in the Universe before having incarnated here on Earth.

    Individuals who have had their first incarnations (in other places besides Earth) are known as starseeds, starseed travelers, or interplanetary souls. There are also Earth Souls who’ve only ever incarnated here on Earth, this is their true home.

    Earth Souls and Star travelers have different personal agendas and varying breadth of experiences, but both are here for the same purpose: to evolve, share their unique Soul gifts, and assist with humanity’s collective ascension.

    There are currently 23 Soul groups of origination, but surely, there are many more that are waiting to be discovered. Every Soul group has its own energy signature.


    Here’s a list of 18 signs that you may be a starseed:

    You respect the fact that every Soul here on Earth is on their own karmic path and that they know exactly what they’re doing, even when it seems like they’re going in the wrong direction.

    You’ve felt like you don’t belong or “fit in” when you’re around a particular group of Souls, especially around Earthly Souls who don’t understand your uniqueness.

    You often question your life purpose, humanity’s existence, and sense that we are part of a Higher cosmic intelligence.

    You know that there is always a better way of doing things and make it your mission to improve systems.

    You’ve always had a keen interest in metaphysics, astrology, cosmology, or spirituality.

    You have a natural affinity for energy healing modalities like Quantum healing, Reiki, etc.

    Staying grounded in your body is a constant work in progress.

    You find yourself striving for balance between your earthly responsibilities (such as survival, finances, work, physical health) and spiritual development.

    You’ve had vivid dreams or astral experiences of visiting intergalactic settings.

    You tend to be a lone wolf with little to no interest in being in the limelight and come off as withdrawn.

    You’ve been highly intuitive since you were a child. You remember seeing bright colors, geometric shapes, and Light beings.

    Verbal communication is challenging, you find it easier to communicate and express yourself through writing, art, dance, or other mediums.

    You’ve been diagnosed with what is referred to as ADHD.

    You dislike bodily functions that come with the territory of taking care of your physical body.

    You’re invested in contributing to your community through teaching, inspiring, coaching, or healing.

    You’ve experienced past life regression, voluntarily or involuntarily, into these previous incarnations.

    You have a difficult time witnessing humanity’s negative side such as racism, war, greed, and malice.

    You prefer spending time with animals than with humans.


    If you answered YES to more than 3 of these signs, then there’s a high probability that you are an interplanetary soul. 


    Starseeds are unconventional, gifted, and evolved Souls. They have a hard time blending into humanity’s way of life.  They don’t understand why others would pass flawed judgement, focus on self-serving actions, express marginalizing behaviors, etc.

    Learning about your Soul group of origination can help you accept yourself for who you really are and honor the wisdom your Soul has brought to this world rather than believing that you’re a misfit in society.

    Earth Souls, on the other hand, are somewhat easy to identify. It’s unlikely that an Earth Soul would be drawn to metaphysics and spirituality. They tend to focus more on the practical side of being incarnated.

    Even though Earth Souls don’t have an Interplanetary Soul history like Starseeds do, they contribute to humanity’s evolution as much as any other Soul group, just in different ways.

    For instance, they assist Starseeds with learning how to exist in a physical body as well as adapt to human culture. Earth Souls also teach Interplanetary Souls how to embrace all the richness in this third-dimensional world.

    Where did this information about Soul groups of origination come from?

    The Soul groups of origination were discovered by a metaphysician from Colorado named Arlen Bock. Through pendulum dowsing and intuitive channeling, he received insight about all the different star systems. His wife, who was a channeler medium, was able to validate the information that he had received.

    Later on, his findings were passed on to other Akashic Record practitioners like Mamie Wheeler, Susann Taylor Shier, Andrea Hess, Anna Sayce, and Shelly Ebeling.


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